Police Accreditation

The Tallahassee Community College Police Department remains committed to demonstrating the highest levels of law enforcement standards.  In September 2013, the Tallahassee Community College Police Department became the 1st agency amongst the Florida college police departments to be awarded the state police accreditation certification from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA).

The accreditation certification ensures that a police organization is in compliance with the most contemporary management and operational practices.  In order to attain this recognition, the organization must comply with nearly 250 accreditation standards on topics such as Use of Force, Arrest Procedures, Community Relations, Professional Ethics, and Police Management Practices.  An audit is conducted by CFA at 3 year intervals to ensure that member agencies remain in compliance with these rigid professional standards.

The Tallahassee Community College Police Department is particularly proud of the CFA accreditation certification, which solidifies the organizational commitment to the mission of providing professional law enforcement services to our campus community.

Police Officers

Uniformed Patrol

The Uniformed Patrol Division of the TCCPD is made up of approximately 15 sworn professional police personnel dedicated to maintaining a positive educational environment for the campus community.

The uniformed patrol division operates with a proactive problem-solving philosophy. Community contact is frequent, with a focus on increasing communication. This leads to greater crime prevention efforts and helps determine community needs. Officers provide response to crimes in progress and calls for service, engage in traffic enforcement activities, investigate traffic crashes, and conduct criminal investigations.

Who are the officers?

TCC police officers are sworn officers with full powers of arrest provided to them by Florida State Statutes. They respond to calls for law enforcement and general service. In addition, officers work campus social events and home athletic games.

TCC police officers have jurisdiction on property the campus owns, leases, or otherwise controls – including city streets that run through and are adjacent to the Campus Property. In addition, they have jurisdiction over 500 feet surrounding any campus property.

Police personnel receive basic Police Academy training at the Florida Public Safety Institute and continuously receive rigorous training in compliance with Florida State Statutes. In addition to formal training provided on an annual basis, officers receive annual training in the subjects of firearms and weapons proficiency, first aid and CPR, search and seizure, use of radar and laser, drug substance abuse, and pursuit driving. 

Bias Based Profiling

Bias based profiling or racial profiling in traffic contacts, field contacts, and in asset seizure and forfeiture efforts is strictly prohibited. Sworn officers shall actively enforce state and federal laws and applicable campus policies and procedures in a responsible and professional manner, without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or gender.

Officers may take into account the reported race or ethnicity of a specific suspect or suspects based upon trustworthy, locally relevant information that links a person or persons of a specific race or ethnicity to a particular unlawful incident. Race and ethnicity may never be used as the sole basis for probable cause or reasonable suspicion.