Active Shooter Response

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area, typically through the use of firearms.

How to Respond

  • Run & Avoid - Always have an escape route in mind, leave your belongings behind, keep hands visible.
  • Hide & Deny -  Hide in an area out of the shooter’s view, block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors, silence your mobile phone and remain quiet.
  • Fight & Defend - As a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to incapacitate the shooter by throwing items and acting with physical aggression.
  • When Law Enforcement Arrives:
    • Remain calm and follow instructions
    • Put down any items you are carrying in your hands
    • Raise your hands and spread your fingers
    • Keep your hands visible at all times
    • Avoid sudden or quick movements toward officers
    • Avoid pointing, screaming or yelling
    • Do not stop to ask officers for help or direction when evacuating 

How to Be Prepared

  • Know your environment and any possible dangers.
  • Always know your surroundings and the nearest exits.
  • Whenever you see something suspicious, immediately contact the TCC Police at (850) 201-6100.

Additional Resources​

The videos and resources below are made available to assist you in the preparation and response to an Active Shooter Incident.