Trespass Warnings

Below is the list of individuals who are currently trespassed from the TCC Campus. Use "CTR+F", and type the last name, to find an individual. Click on the name, to show more information.


Chancellor, Carveco Demond


DOB:  10-31-1979

Trespass Date:  12-08-2017

Case Number:  TCPD17OFF000416

Davis, Jr., Darryl A.

Photo of Darryl Davis, Jr


DOB:  03-15-1989

Trespass Date:  03-28-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000085

Fallas, Orlando Salvatore

Photo of Orlando Fallas


DOB:  12-16-1996

Trespass Date:  02-19-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000056

 Cross Reference:  TCPD18OFF000052

Ford, Zachary Shawn

Photo of Zachary Shawn Ford


DOB:  08-03-1992

Trespass Date:  04-25-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000128

Franks, Azrikam

 Photo of Azrikam Franks

DOB:  06-14-1992

Trespass Date:  09-19-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000231

Goynes, Quintin Ives

Photo of Quintin Goynes

DOB:  01-22-1975

Trespass Date:  09-20-2018

Case Numer:  TCPD18OFF000233

Harris, Joseph Emanuel

Photo of Joseph Emanuel Harris


DOB:  01-12-1992

Trespass Date:  05-03-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000132

Hawkins, Brenda

Photo of Brenda Hawkins


DOB:  12-08-1959

Trespass Date:  04-03-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000091

Henderson, Nitravian

Photo of Nitravian Henderson

DOB:  12-01-1992

Trespass Date:  01-29-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000024

Kendrick, Alizael Ta'Keisha

Photo of Alizael Kendrick

DOB:  01-06-1998

Trespass Date:  08-29-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18CAD15262

Marshall, Leonard

Photo of Leonard Marshall


DOB:  11-06-1968

Trespass Date:  03-22-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000088

Myrick, Nepier Delano

 Photo of Nepier Myrick


DOB:  02-24-1998

Trespass Date:  09-25-2017

Case Number:  TCPD17OFF000342

Rosier, Dana LaShawn

Dana Rosier Photo


DOB:  03-03-1985

Trespass Date:  12-08-2017

Case Number:  TCPD17OFF000416

Sawyer, Michael Allan

Photo of Michael Sawyer


DOB: 08-26-1965

Trespass Date:  01-11-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000009

Skinner, Anthony Khan

Photo of Anthony Skinner

DOB:  08-07-1959

Trespass Date:  09-11-2018

Case Number:  TCPD180FF000218

Smith, Byron

Byron Smith Photo


DOB:  10-16-1982

Trespass Date:  09-04-2017 


Case Number:  TPD 17-029787


Smith, Demetrius Leron

Photo of Demetrius Smith


DOB:  01-11-1994

Trespass Date:  03-08-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000077


Spivey, Antwan Denard

Photo of Antwan Spivey


DOB:  12-21-1982

Trespass Date:  02-01-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000035 

Teague, Kashim Saamir

 Photo of Kashim Teague


DOB:  02-15-1992

Trespass Date:  06-04-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000153

Thorpe, Derek Alan

Photo of Derek Thorpe

DOB:  06-11-1987

Trespass Date:  10-13-2017

Case Number:  TCPD17OFF000370

Williams, Christofer

Photo of Christofer Williams

DOB:  11-06-1967

Trespass Date:  08-28-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000208

Yaddow, Eddie

 Photo of Eddie Yaddow

DOB:  11-17-1986

Trespass Date:  08-15-2018

Case Number:  TCPD18OFF000186