Contracts & Grants Management Services
Tallahassee Community College
444 Appleyard Drive, Administration Building
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Phone: (850) 201-7970 | Fax: (850) 201-8509

Amy Bradbury, Director of Contracts and Grants | (850) 201-8519

Amy oversees and directs management of all post-award activity. Contact Amy for questions about establishing accounts, grantor or College requirements, compliance issues, contract/proposal negotiations, Board approval related issues or any other post-award related items. 

Rowena Ford, Contracts and Grants Coordinator | (850) 201-8471

Rowena holds responsibility a portfolio of sponsored programs at the College. Contact Rowena for questions about allowable costs or compliance issues.

Terry Pendleton, Contracts and Grants Coordinator | (850) 201-8514

Terry holds responsibility for a portfolio of sponsored programs at the College and coordinates time and effort certifications. Contact Terry for questions about allowable costs, compliance issues, or effort certifications.



Florida Public Safety Institute

Florida Public Safety Institute
Tallahassee Community College
75 College Drive, Havana, FL  32333

Fax: (850) 201-7013

Juanita Ross-Dilworth, Contracts and Grants Coordinator | (850) 201-7728

Juanita has the primary responsibility for all post-award activity as related to sponsored programs housed at the Florida Public Safety Institute. Contact Juanita with any questions regarding these awards.