FPSI Corrections Class of June 2012Pursuant to Florida Statute 943, Florida law requires correctional officers working for any state, county, or private institution to be certified. The Florida Public Safety Institute provides the training section of the process of becoming a certified correctional officer in Florida.

The Florida Public Safety Institute provides the 420 hours needed to become eligible to take the State Officers Certification Exam and you will meet the minimum standards for employment as a correctional officer in a Florida-based facility operated by a public or private employer. The job market for corrections is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. According to the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation Labor Market Statistics, salaries in this industry vary greatly, based on the skill and experience levels of the employee.

Currently, median earnings for Correctional Officers in Florida are $37,880. Full benefit packages are usually included, along with a liberal pension plan. Many correctional officers retire at 75 percent of their salary after meeting the required years of service. This certification ensures that the public is served by officers who are ethical, qualified, and well trained.

Steps to Apply