Criminal Justice Online

An Online Degree Program for Working Criminal Justice Professionals

Sheriff on boat with helicopter flying overheadIf you are a criminal justice professional, you now have a new, convenient opportunity to advance your education and your career. Through the TCC’s online program, you can earn an Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice from TCC entirely online.

The pace is designed to accommodate working professionals, and the program rewards you for your previous training and experience. The associate degree carries 64 credit hours and typically can be earned in eight semesters. However, you will receive 15 hours of credit for the Florida Basic Recruit Training credential you already hold, so you’ll need only 49 more credit hours to earn the A.S. degree.

In addition to professional development and possible career advancement, criminal justice professionals who complete an associate degree are eligible for a salary incentive of $30 per month. An associate degree can also open the door to a four-year degree program.

Some students may qualify for a tuition reimbursement program through their local criminal justice agency.

Let your experience help you earn a degree and unlock additional career opportunities. Get started on your future today by following these easy steps. 

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