Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy

Logo of the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement AcademyThe Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy (PTLEA) is housed within the Florida Public Safety Institute and offers training to become a certified law enforcement officer. This six-month program is comprised of 17 areas of instruction, which includes four (4) high liability areas (Defensive Tactics, Medical First Responder to Emergencies, Criminal Justice Weapons and Vehicle Operations). Each class also completes at least one community service project to help students understand how to serve as well as protect. 

Recruits must score at least an 80% on all written exams, as well as perform the required level of skills proficiency in the high liability areas. Statewide average on these exams is around 80%. PTLEA recruits consistently score 90% or higher. 

Our Academy graduates are heavily recruited by agencies from across Florida. We offer a seamless transition from job related training to career related education through the Tallassee Community College.

Steps to Apply