Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics

Welcome to Tallahassee Community College's Division of Science and Mathematics. The division offers a variety of science and mathematics courses designed to meet the needs of students in the general Associate in Arts transfer degree, as well as those enrolled in various Associate in Science programs.


Science is the study of the behavior and structure of the physical and natural world via observation and experiment.

In the area of science, we offer general education courses as well as those for students majoring in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, health education & nutrition and physics.  The science department also offers the AS degree in Environmental Science Technology in collaboration with the Wakulla Environmental Institute.


Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities and space as abstract concepts or as applied to other disciplines.

In the area of mathematics, we offer three general tracks starting at the intermediate algebra level. The three tracks include:

  1. Science, technology, engineering and math majors (STEM)
  2. Business and marketing majors
  3. All other liberal arts majors

Dr. Lei Wang STEM Center

Our Division is also home to the Dr. Lei Wang STEM Center.

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