Fitness Center

The fitness center offers a variety of cardio machines, free weights, exercise balls, jump ropes, and resistance bands. Plus we’ve got high energy group classes Monday through Friday. Do not forget to bring your validated TCC ID card, comfortable, athletic clothing and athletic shoes.

For more information, please contact Lifetime Sports at (850) 201-8091 or


Mon - Fri
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Closed on weekends

Group Classes


Special Notes:

  1. Jump Ropes may be added in any class for added intensity and variety.
  2. Advanced class instructors assume that participants have some understanding of the moves being taught. Workouts may be more and complex than an average class.
  3. Slides may be used in interval or sports conditioning classes for variety and fun.
  4. Beginners are always welcome. It is helpful if participants tell the instructor that they are new BEFORE beginning class.
  5. Some classes are limited in size due to space issues and equipment available.
  6. To reserve a bike for the cycle class, participants must be there 5 minutes before class time.
  7. Classes should never cause pain. Participants who experience pain should stop immediately and inform the instructor. Drink plenty of water and do not push beyond personal limitations. Participants who need to leave class early, should inform the instructor, so they will not be worried.
  8. Evaluation forms are available any time and constructive feedback is always welcome.

Rules and Regulations

Equipment Checkout

TCC members can checkout free fitness and recreational equipment at the control desk in the fitness gym with a valid TCC ID card. Equipment offered includes jump ropes, flat bands, fitness tubes, and table tennis paddles and nets.

General Conduct & Sportsmanship

  • No profanity or abusive/offensive language
  • Portable stereos and electronic devices permitted only with headphones
  • No animals are allowed, except for service animals
  • You must comply with the requests of fitness center personnel

Use of Facilities & TCC ID

All members must present a valid TCC ID to use the facilities. The fitness center and recreational gym are used at your own risk. Consult a Fitness Instructor if you have any questions before using exercise equipment. TCC is not responsible for any injury that may occur to individuals participating in any exercise activity. 

Strength Training and Equipment Rules

  • Members cannot use chalk during their workouts.
  • No Olympic weightlifting.
  • Return all bars, weights, and dumbbells to their assigned spaces immediately after use.
  • Do not drop free weights on the floor, or allow weights to crash or “clank” together.
  • Properly wipe down equipment when finished.

Report Safety & Equipment Issues

Please report any equipment malfunctions, personal injuries, specific questions, concerns, or suggestions immediately to the Fitness Center staff.

Proper Workout Attire

Please wear proper workout attire when using the fitness facilities. Athletic shoes shall be worn at all times. Failure to dress properly will result in denial to workout.


A towel is required at all times while using the fitness center, recreational gym, and aerobics room. You can bring your own towel, or check one out at the front desk.

Locker Use

The fitness facility offers free lockers for all TCC members. These are available on a first come, first served basis. Locks are not provided and TCC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. You must remove all personal items from lockers at the end of each semester.

Food & Beverage

We permit beverages in a capped bottle. Food is not permitted in the fitness facility. 

Injuries & Emergencies

Please immediately report any of the following safety issues to a Fitness Center Attendant or Campus Recreation Supervisor:

  • Damaged equipment or equipment malfunctions
  • Unsafe exercise, locker room, or bathroom conditions
  • Abusive, dangerous, offensive, or unsafe activities
  • Injuries of any sort


If a member fails to comply with the rules and/or the request of the attendant on duty, the member will be asked to leave for the remainder of the day and will be subject to the following procedures: 

  • Verbal Warning: Fitness center staff will ask member to comply with rules and regulations. The Campus Recreation Supervisor will file a report.
  • Written Warning: A second violation warrants a written warning issued by the Campus Recreation Supervisor.
  • Probation: After a third violation, the member will be placed on a probationary status for the fitness center and recreation gym.
  • Restriction: Subsequent violations will lead to your membership being revoked for a minimum of one academic term or equivalent. Paid members will not receive a refund.

Eagle Fitness Center management reserves the right to immediately revoke the membership, use, or entrance into the Lifetime Sports Complex of any member who engages in severe disruptive behavior (e.g. harassment, threats, sexual offenses, verbal and/or physical abuse, or repeated offenses). The matter will also be reported to Campus Police, the Student Conduct (for students), or Human Resources and immediate supervisor (for faculty/staff). 

Members of the fitness facility should report any misconduct or negligence of staff to the Campus Recreation and Sports Facility Manager (850) 201-9081 or